Flyers, handouts and graphic design for your event. Posting to social media, popular event websites, local media avenues and on our highly visible website plus an email campaign to our targeted list of Christians. We also have a street team and connection with several local churches to promote your event. Talk to us before you look elsewhere to promote your event.

Have a venue, need staffing? We provide the solution! We have built a team of helpful volunteers to assist in the many facets of putting on a great show. Volunteer and/or Paid staffing is available for transportation, conceirge services, ushers, merchandising and concessions, green room attendants, equipment setup and breakdown. Whatever your needs to make a successful performance, we are there with you all the way.

Are you a new performer? You have a message to share and need the platform to bring it to hungry ears. Just getting started is tough and we know it! EnterLV is here to help you get your feet off the ground and bring your message to the world. We nurture and develop leaders in Christian worship. If you need guidance to take you to the next level in the industry, read more about our Artist Development service and give us a call or drop us a line on the contact form.

Need help to plan a christian event? Leadership conferences, concerts, music festival or tent meeting. We provide all the assistance from development to execution. Put our knowledgeable and creative expertise to work for you!

Contact us with your ideas and ambitions, we are glad to offer assistance in making your event exactly as you imagine it.

EnterLV is an Independent promoter not affiliated with any single church or organization, however, we have great relationships with the largest congregations in Las Vegas. We provide venue assistance in selection, dates and ensure adequate tools for your perfect performance. We also have options for ticketing through our website or any of the online ticketing websites. If needed, we can sell tickets through our venues, at the door and via email to our list. All the help you need to make your event a success.

Photography and videography is a great asset to further promote your brand to the world. Our professional staff photographers and videographers are available to capture your event in the exciting moment live! We are also available to help you utilize the photos and videos online through several media outlets to help promote your next event.

Add to the success of your event with a branding and merchandising center. At your event we assist in setting up and selling your branded merchandise, before and after your event, we offer your branded merchandise through our website and explore other ways to market your brand. Offering branded merchandise is the perfect way to add value to your bottom line and provide tremendous opportunities to build your brand.

We also offer methods to develop your merchandise through our partners. Need T-shirts, CD’s, DVD’s, digital mixing or other merchndise? We do it all for you. Let us help you develop and market your brand