Who Is Jimmy Needham?

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Born August 22nd 1985, Jimmy Needham's musical career began in 2005 while attending Texas A&M University, where he studied History and Philosophy. His first career choice was to become a history teacher. His debut album, For Fredom was released independently in 2005 and in 2006 he signed with InPop records (an independent label based in Franklin TN) where he released his second album Speak.

Living in Texas with his wife, Kelly and two children, Jimmy Needham's unique faith based soulful pop songs are influenced by one of his favorite Christian musicians and singers, Keith Green. In an interview with Christian Music Today Needham remarked "When I listen to him (Keith Green) it's cool because I feel the Lord has given us the same spirit in what we're singing about." Needham continued, "It's all about sharing the Gospel."

In 2008, he released his Not Without Love album and in 2010 his album Nightlights came out. His latest release Clear the Stage debuted in early 2012 all under the Inpop Records label. 2013, Jimmy Needham will begin his first tour appropriately called the Clear the Stage tour. The hit, Clear the Stage has received great reviews and accolades from his fans worldwide reaching 59th on the Swedish Albums Chart on July 6, 2012.

Jimmy Needham Music

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Comments Katy Scott -
I love this song. It's so beautiful! Every time I listen to it, it gives me goose bumps 'cause it's so amazing

Movieactor -
i'm a fan of jimmy's and this is his best song by? far. great job jimmy!!

Debmom4ca -
I have never been more challenged by a song. I pray that these words? spark revival! Let it begin in me.

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